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Current Feature
The GL-CRSP End of Program Conference "From Problem Models to Solutions"

The GL-CRSP End of Program Conference "From Problem Models to Solutions" was held in Navaisha, Kenya from June 16th-...

GL-CRSP Final Conference!

The Global Livestock CRSP Final Conference will be held in Naivasha, Kenya from June 16 - 19, 2009

Call for Poster Presentation Abstracts and Travel Awards for GL-CRSP Final Conference

The Global Livestock CRSP Final Conference will be held June 16 - 19, 2009 in Naivasha, Kenya.  The GL-CRSP welcomes par...

SUMAWA project featured in United Nations Environment Programme Environment for Development Video

The GL-CRSP Sustainable Management of Rural Watersheds (SUMAWA) project in Njoro, K...

Collaboration & Partners
Supporting wildlife conservation and veterinary capacity

GL-CRSP helps integrate Sokoine University of Agriculture with the Tanzanian National Parks (TANAPA)

The Pastoralist Livelihoods Initiative (PLI) Program

LINKS works with USAID/Ethiopia in the establishment of the Pastoralist Livelihoods Initiative (PLI) Program.

Avian Flu School Partners with the GL-CRSP ENAM and HALI Projects in Africa

The GL-CRSP Avian Flu School Project (AFS) has partnered with other GL-CRSP projects in West and East Africa to address poultry health and production through their village-level Newcastle Vaccination and Avian Flu Control Project.

Themes & Impacts
Zoonotic Disease

The Global Livestock CRSP recognizes the appearance of zoonoses as an effect of the intensifying interface between humans, domes...

Human welfare and nutrition

Development programs targeting human welfare and especially nutrition (diet diversification, improved cognitive capacity, and di...

Risk Management

The world is becoming increasingly unpredictable. The forces of weather, globalization, population, and disease create a dynami...

Featured Publications
2008 ENAM Research Briefs ENAM EEP Report GL-CRSP 2007 Annual Report
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Livestock News
NPR's Morning Edition: "Vacancy at Helm of U.S. Agency for International Development"

From National Public Radio's Morning Edition program, October 15, 2009:

The Obama administration...

Drought in East Africa: "A Catastrophe is Looming"

"THIS year’s drought is the worst in east Africa since 2000, and possibly since 1991. Famine stalks the land. The failu...

"Mobile Marvels"

In the September 24th, 2009 issue of the Economist magazine, a special report on telecoms and mobile phones sheds light on th...

CQ Weekly: Helping Foreign Farmers to Help Themselves

Teaching other nations to cultivate more and better so they may be weaned off U.S. assistance in lieu of food aid - see below...

SciDevNet: Spotlight on Aid for Higher Education

SciDev.Net launches their spotlight on aid for higher education. The webpage hosts numerous articles and factsheets on why ai...

GL-CRSP Podcast Volume 4, Episode 2: Food Price Crisis Symposium - Causes of the food crisis, Aaron Smith & Gordon Rausser

Aaron Smith, UC Davis, and Gordon Rausser, UC Berkeley, discuss the causes and consequences of the food crisis.  Smith a...

GL-CRSP Podcast Volume 4, Episode 3: Food Price Crisis Symposium - Biofuel policy and food prices, David Zilberman

David Zilberman, UC Berkeley, discusses biofuel production, policies in the way of subsidies and mandates, and relates biofue...

GL-CRSP Podcast Volume 4, Episode 4: Food Price Crisis Symposium - Speculators, storage, and food prices, Brian Wright

Brian Wright, UC Berkeley, addresses the relationship between speculators, storage and food prices. He reminds the listeners ...

Focus On
2008 Jim Ellis Award Winners Announced

GL-CRSP announces first Jim Ellis award recipients for 2008

PARIMA Project Members Receive Gold Medal Awards from ESAP

GL-CRSP PARIMA Project Members Receive Gold Medal Awards from the Ethiopian Society of Animal Production (ESAP)