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GL-CRSP News Article - HALI Project Presentation for the GL-CRSP EPAC Meeting

HALI PI Jonna Mazet's presentation for the EPAC Meeting

At the External Panel Advisory Committee (EPAC) Meeting on August 22 in Bodega Bay, the Health for Animals and Livelihood Improvement (HALI) Principal Investigator (PI) Jonna Mazet presented the project history and preliminary findings of the project to the EPAC. The vivid presentation's slides provide a unique look at the development of an innovative and exciting GL-CRSP project, one that captures the dynamic interaction between wildlife, livestock, and human communities in the Rungwa-Ruaha ecosystem, Tanzania.

The HALI project is a stakeholder-driven research and capacity-building program aimed at assessing the effects of zoonotic disease and water management on health and livelihoods in the Rungwa-Ruaha ecosystem, Tanzania.

HALI Presentation for the EPAC Meeting


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